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Set of Stereogram cards by Javal, Hale, Dahlfield, Kroll and Wells
Europe: United Kingdom

Set of orthoptic training cards (13) for home use, printed in black and red (and in one case green) on white. Contained within brown paper envelope. Cards featured: B2 (Javal M), B3 (Javal N), B4 (Javal H), C1 rectangles (Dahlfeld), C2 pumpkin heads (Hale), C3 Stars and Stripes flag (Hale), C4 moth (Dahlfeld), C5 numbers (Dahlfeld), C6 cyclist (Wells), C7 F and L (Javal C), C8 Afrika (Kroll), C9 ON NE (Wells), D1 (Hale), D2 (Hale), D3 (Hale), D5 (Hale), D6 (Javal G), E (Javal L), F1 god (Javal K13), F2 god (Javal K12), F3 god umlaut (Javal K11), F4 gid (Javal K10), F5 goid (Javal K9), F6 goi;d (Javal K8), F8 (Javal K6), G1 In this (Javal L12), G2 set the cards (Javal L11), G3 are combined to obtain binocular vision (Javal L10), G4 Never begin with a new chart before mastering the preceding (Javal L9), G5 After the chart can be well read at the easiest distance, practise reading it at different distances by (Javal L8), G6 varying the distance in the stereoscope. The Charts in series G should always be preceded by the series F which are more artfully designed (Javal L7), G7 (Javal L6), G8 (Javal L5), G9 (Javal L4), G10 (Javal L3), H2 1/2 (Javal 1), H3 (Javal 1), H 3 1/2 (Javal 1), H4 (Javal 1), H4 1/2 (Javal 1), H5 (Javal 1), H5 1/2 (Javal 1), H6 (Javal 1), H7 (Javal 1), H8 (Javal 1), H9 (Javal 1), H10 (Javal 1), H11 (Javal 1), I2 ON NE Hyperphoria 2 prism dioptres (Wells), I4 ON NE Hyperphoria 4 prism dioptres (Wells), J4 ON NE Hyperphoria 4 prism dioptres (Wells), J8 ON NE Hyperphoria 8 prism dioptres (Wells), J10 ON NE Hyperphoria 10 prism dioptres (Wells).


Gift of Mr Robin Weathersbee, FCOptom, 2007

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