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TitleMakerDate Made
Early 20th c.View
'Accurist' Lens MeasureM. Wiseman & Company Ltd1950sView
'Acrylic Colour Range' samplesGreames Optical Services Limitedc.1965View
'Acuvue' contact lens retail display standJohnson & JohnsonLate 20th c.View
'ACUVUE' optician's ruleJohnson & Johnson2007View
'Algha' Filora spannerM. Wiseman & Company Ltd1970s?View
'Amor' manufacturer's retail tagSociété des LunetiersMid 20th c.View
'Amor' retail tag1970s?View
'Andrea'Sovereign Optical Ltd1970s?View
'Anti-Static Lensclean'John Norton and Sons (SCS) Ltd1990s?View
'AO Compact' slide rule chartAmerican Optical Company1998View
'Are you driving blind?' campaign advertisementDollond & Aitchisonc.1985View
'Baleno' -6Randolph Optical Supply Co. Ltd1975View
'Bondwell' opticians slide ruleC. W. Dixey & Son Ltdc.1905View
'CD Lunettes en Optyl' plastic bagOptylLate 20th c.View
'Christian Dior' display chairOptylLate 20th c.View
'Complete Repair Assortment' of screwsBay State Optical CompanyMid 20th c.View
'Crystex' Lens MeasureMid 20th c.View
'Distometer' / Vertex Distance CaliperThe House of Vision Inc.1950s?View
'Earjoy' side rule20th c.View
'Ely'John Cooper Optics LtdMid-Late 20th c.View
'Eyewear Visage' plastic bagOptical Service (UK) LtdLate 20th c.View
'Fabian'Randolph Optical Supply Co. Ltd1960s?View
'Face a Face' plastic bagFace a FaceEarly 2010sView
'Filos' rule20th c.View
'Font' moulding blockHarold, Peterc.1985View
'Gisa' 60.63 SavanneRodenstock1970s?View
'Gradal' Short Optician's ruleZeiss2000sView
'Graduate' opticians ruleSola Optical CoLate 20th c.View
'Grafco' Tape MeasureGraham-Field1980sView
'Haco' opticians ruleA. Häusler & Co. LuzernLate 20th c.View
'Harmony 924' plastic bagMerx International LtdPost 1983View
'Highway' ruleJ. & R. Fleming Ltd1930sView
'Hoyalux' ruleHoyaEarly 21st c.View
'Ichi Ban' display standRobert La Roche; Yasuragi1990sView
'John Bull' IndicatorBritish Indicators LtdMid 20th c.View
'Karen' 4596La Chandelle; Saffron OpticsLate 20th c.View
'Kirbend' side-measuring ruleKirk Brothersc.1920sView
'Kirbend' side-measuring ruleKirk Brothersc.1920sView
'Kirbend' side-measuring ruleKirk Brothersc.1920sView
'Kirbro' RuleKirk BrothersPre-1934View
'Kirbro' rule & caseKirk BrothersPost 1922View
'Kirface' RuleKirk BrothersJanuary 1934View
'Kirslide' Universal RuleKirk Brothers1930sView
'Kirslide' Universal RuleKirk BrothersJanuary 1934View
'Kodak Precise Progressive' Optician's ruleKodak LimitedLate 20th c.View
'LACOSTE' plastic carrier bagL'Amy Group2003View
'Lady R' 942 BRodenstock1980s?View
'Laura Ashley' dispensing trayLaura Ashley Eyewear1990sView
'Linea' 366SafiloLate 20th c.View
'London' Frame Viewing SetLondon Optical Company LtdMid-Late 20th c.View
'London' Frame Viewing SetLondon Optical Company Ltd20th c.View
'London' retail tagLondon Optical Company Ltd1950sView
'Lorri'P. Oliver Goldsmith Ltd1970s?View
'Lynton'P. Oliver Goldsmith Ltd1980s?View
'Magnon' Dial IndicatorMitutoyo; BatyLate 20th c.View
'Merit' glass spirit lamp1929View
'Model 2' equipment for manufacturing pince-nezBateman, Geoffrey CampionEarly 20th c.View
'Model De Luxe' Lens MeasureMid 20th c.View
'Nu-Polar' polarised sun lens demonstratorNUPOLARLate 20th c.View
'Nu-Polar' polarised sun lens demonstratorAmerican Optical; NUPOLARLate 20th c.View
'Olive' Retail tag and polarised test filter1970sView
'Optical Light' optician's ruleNew Trend1990s?View
'Oriel' from the Mayfair RangeUK Optical Bausch & Lomb Ltd1970sView
'Palisander'Roehm-OptikLate 20th c.View
'Peeper Keepers' Display Stand2000View
'Percepta' Centration ChartSOLA1997View
'PLAYGIRL' tree display stand2000sView
'Polymetric' RuleElliott Optical Co LtdMid 20th c.View
'Quintessence'Mid-Late 20th c.View
'Reader S' and 'Reader D' centration chartEssilorJanuary 1984View
'Reader S' and 'Reader D' centration chartEssilorJanuary 1984View
'Retro by Dunelm' plastic bagDunelm Optical UK LtdEarly 2010sView
'Reversed Standard Notation' protractor and ruleGlasgow Caledonian University2008View
'Rhodoid' acetate samplesM & B Plastics Ltd20th c.View
'Ridge' axis finderc.1918-1923View
'Rocel' acetate spectacle frontBritish Celanese Limitedc.1960-1989View
'Rocel' acetate spectacle frontBritish Celanese Limitedc.1960-1989View
'See Thru' face ruleRaphael's Ltdc.1910View
'Serelo' Frame gaugeW.T. Rees LtdLate 20th c.View
'Serelo' protractor and ruleW.T. Rees Ltd20th c.View
'Serelo' ruleW.T. Rees LtdPost 1965View
'Serelo' rule / Fairbanks Facial GaugeW.T. Rees LtdMid-Late 20th c.View
'Sferoflex' retail tagSferoflex; Luxottica1980s?View
'Simon Murray' retail tagOnspec-OnticEarly 21st c.View
'Solitaire Top Coat' lens demonstratorRodenstockEarly 21st c.View
'spec check' frame viewer setNorville Opticalc.1976View
'Sunglass hut' carrier bagSunglass Hut2013View
'Sunglass hut' retail tagSunglass Hut2013View

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