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TitleMakerDate Made
'AO Compact' slide rule chartAmerican Optical Company1998View
'Hoyalux' ruleHoyaEarly 21st c.View
'Percepta' Centration ChartSOLA1997View
'Reader S' and 'Reader D' centration chartEssilorJanuary 1984View
'Reader S' and 'Reader D' centration chartEssilorJanuary 1984View
'Varilux Comfort' ruleEssilorApril 1997View
'Varilux' centration chartEssilorNovember 1993View
AO PRO 15 Organic / AO PRO 16 MineralAmerican OpticalLate 1990sView
AO TruVision Progressive Lenses - Lens Verification PatternAmerican Optical1990s?View
Centration Chart - SOLA GraduateSOLA1990s?View
Centration Chart - SOLA Graduate / SOLA XL Progressive Addition LensSOLA; Pilkington Ophthalmic Products Ltd1980sView
Decentration chart for LVA 21 and 22 BinocularKeeler1970s?View
Evolis / SelectiveBBGR2000sView
Freeman Centering ChartEarly-Mid 20th c.View
Gradal 2 selection chart / lens calculatorZeissMay 1975View
Gradal HS / Gradal 3 / Gradal RD / Clarlet Gradal RD centration chart / lens calculatorZeissApril 1994View
Gradal HS / Uro Gradal HS / Umbramatic SR Gradal HS / Umbramatic SB Gradal HS / Clarlet Gradal HSZeiss1986View
Interview 080-130 centration chartEssilorApril 2003View
Jai Kudo Wideview Freeform Backsurface Progressives - 13mm Regular Corridor / 15mm Deep Corridor / 10mm Shallow CorridorJai Kudo2000sView
Keeler Wide Angle Magnifying Spectacles - Decentration ChartKeeler1960s?View
Kodak Precise LensSignet Armorlite Europe Ltd1990s?View
Kodak Unique LensSignet Armorlite Europe Ltd1990s?View
Lenses for your lifestyleOptimum RX Lens Specialists; Vanalstynes Optical ManufacturersJanuary 2020View
Line Free Progressive LensesOrcolite1980s?View
NLS Progressive - Lens Size Chart / Centring ChartNorville Lens SuppliesEarly 1990s?View
NLS Progressive - Lens Size Chart / Centring ChartNorville Lens SuppliesEarly 1990s?View
Progressiv life - Perfalit 1.5 / Perfalit 1.6 // Progressiv life - High Crown 1.6 / Rodalent 1.8Rodenstock2000sView
SA SmallSignet Armorlite Europe Ltd1990s?View
SOLA Compact ULTRA Centration ChartSOLA2000s?View
SOLA Elan HDVSOLA2000s?View
TruVision OMNI - Decentred Lens Verification PatternUK Optical Ltd1980sView
Varilux 2Essel1975View
Varilux 2 - Varitwo Fitting AidNorville Optical Co Ltd; Esselc.1975View
Varilux 2 centration chart (EDI 549)EssilorEarly 1980sView
Varilux 2 technique Orma centration chart (EDI 634)EssilorEarly 1980sView
Varilux Comfort centration chartEssilorNovember 1993View
Varilux Comfort Small centration chartEssilorNovember 2002View
Varilux Computer 2V / 3V centration chartEssilorJuly 2005View
Varilux Ellipse centration chartEssilorNovember 2003View
Varilux Expert centration chartEssilorEarly 21st c.View
Varilux Panamic centration chartEssilorAugust 1999View
Varilux Physio centration chartEssilorEarly 21st c.View

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