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TitleMakerDate Made
'Accurist' Lens MeasureM. Wiseman & Company Ltd1950sView
'Crystex' Lens MeasureMid 20th c.View
'John Bull' IndicatorBritish Indicators LtdMid 20th c.View
'Model De Luxe' Lens MeasureMid 20th c.View
'The Stearman' Lens Measure1950sView
Axis-FinderDixeyEarly-mid 20th c.View
bench lens measureAnglo American Optical Coc.1881-1937View
bench lens measureEarly 20th c.View
bench lens measureView
Bench lens measureView
bench lens measure / spherimeterView
Bier Contact Lens RadometerBier, Norman1958View
Bier Contact Lens SpherometerBier, Norman; R. & J. Beck Ltd1966View
binocular radiuscopeNeitz Instruments Company LtdLate 20th c.View
Clariti 1day Toric - Lens Size CalculatorSauflon Pharmaceuticals Ltd2011View
contact lens microscope and thickness gaugeBatyc.1980View
Corrungated 10 D Lens Measure / SpherometerWilliam Gowlland LtdEarly-mid 20th c.View
Geneva lens measureGeneva Optical CoPre 1915View
Geneva lens measureGeneva Optical CoPost 1915View
Hand-held lens measureBreitfeld & SchliekertMid-late 20th c.View
lens measureView
lens measure20th c (?)View
lens measure20th c.View
lens measure20th c.View
Lens MeasureView
Lens Measurec.1911View
Lens MeasureLate 19th c.View
Lens MeasureMid 20th c.View
lens measure / "Federal" Lens Gauge & caseDioptremeter CoView
Lens Measure / SpherometerView
Lens Measure / SpherometerView
lens measurer / spherometerView
Lens Size CalculatorNorville Optical Co Ltd; Smith (Calculators) Ltd1975View
Lens Size CalculatorNorville Optical Co Ltd; Smith (Calculators) Ltd1975View
Maddox Cylinder Axis-FinderBotwright & Grey1920sView
Micro Lens Measure and Inspection Instrument / contact lens measure & caseNusyte Ltdc.1960View
Monocular RadiuscopeG. Nissel & Company Ltd; Vickers Instruments Ltd1960sView
O.R.U. E00163 RadiuscopeR. & J. Beck Ltd; British Indicators LtdMid-Late 20th c.View
Polaragraphic cell - Oxygen permeability gaugeGlobal Vision (UK) Ltd1976View
Prism MeasureGeneva Optical Coc.1907View
Scientype lens measurerRaphael's LtdView
Seg-Top GaugeJ. & R. Fleming Ltd20th c.View
SegmeterThe Associated Manufacturers of Solid Bifocals20th c.View
Segmeter with original packaging/leafletThe Associated Manufacturers of Solid Bifocals1938View
spherometer / lens measurec.1910View
spherometer / lens measure on standView
Spherometer with loupeWöhlk-Contact-LinsenMid-Late 20th c.View
Sphéromêtre / lens measure on standEarly 20th c.View
The Berwick Lens MeasureGowllands Ltd20th c.View
The Berwick Lens Measure / SpherometerGowllands LtdView
ToposcopeOptical Methods Inc.1966View
UK Lens MeasureThomas Mercer LtdMid 20th c.View

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