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TitleMakerDate Made
'Wigmore' Spectacles caseArcher-Elliott LtdMid-Late 20th c.View
'X-eyes' Spectacles caseContinental Eyewear Ltdc.2009View
'X-eyes' Spectacles caseContinental Eyewear Ltdc.2008View
(military?) trial casec.1915View
21st Anniversary Spectacles HolderLenstec Optical Laboratories2004View
adjustable trial frameLate 19th / Early 20th c.View
Alfa Romeo Spectacles CaseLiven Internationalc.1981View
Armagnac trial frameView
astig-type trial frameMid 20th cView
Astikorrekt & caseOptikgerateView
AxiometerWilliam Gowlland LtdEarly 20th c.View
Bambooka 'Timbuktu' sunglasses caseEye-Wear Africa2018View
Bambooka EVA sunglasses caseEye-Wear Africa2017View
Beach Bums Sunglasses Case1990s?View
Bier-Hamblin Trial Set1965-1970View
Bishop Harman Trial Frame GaugeTheodore Hamblin Ltd20th c.View
bracket-mounted trial frame1964View
branded spectacles caseMacGregor, RonaldLate 20th c.View
branded spectacles caseHorstmannsMid-Late 20th c.View
branded spectacles caseScott Wood, R.Mid-Late 20th c.View
branded spectacles caseScott Wood, R.Mid 20th c.View
Brillenbestimmungskasten IIINitsche & Gunther Optische WerkeEarly 20th c.View
Bruce Refracting UnitAutomatic Sight Testing Co Ltdc.1889View
Burmese spectacles caseE.M. de Souza & CoView
Camouflage spectacles caseMurray, Simon2000sView
Carrera Porsche Design Sunglasses CaseCarreraLate 1980sView
caseRubergall, Thomasc.1830s-40sView
Case for flip-up reading spectaclesLate 20th c.View
Case for folding sunglassesRatti Industria Ottica S.p.A.Mid-Late 20th c.View
Case for gogglesWillson1940sView
CCCP spectacles case supplied for the film The Russia HouseMargic.1990View
Chanel spectacles caseLuxottica2000sView
chatelaine case19th c.View
chatelaine caseS & CoPre 1896View
chatelaine case19th c.View
Chatelaine case1912?View
Chatelaine caseW LD1905View
Chatelaine case19th c.View
Chatelaine case1895View
chatelaine caseW.H.W. (maker); M.BRO (maker)1896-1900View
chatelaine caseHWLDLate 19th - Early 20th c.View
Chatelaine caseLate 19th - Early 20th c.View
Chatelaine caseW.H.S.1904View
Chatelaine case19th c.View
chatelaine caseView
Chatelaine caseG & S1900View
chatelaine case1902View
Chatelaine case19th c.View
Chatelaine caseC.S.; F.S.View
chatelaine caseJ. W.1899-1902View
chatelaine caseLate 19th - Early 20th c.View
chatelaine caseL.E.1897View
chatelaine caseW LD1906View
Chatelaine caseLate 19th - Early 20th c.View
Chatelaine case1917View
chatelaine case19th c.View
Chatelaine case19th c.View
Chatelaine case19th c.View
Chatelaine caseU., George1881View
Chatelaine case19th c.View
Chatelaine caseD & F1897View
Chatelaine caseR & WEarly 20th c.View
chatelaine case1867, or 1911View
Chatelaine caseJ.R. & S.1892View
Chatelaine caseView
Chatelaine caseS. C.1894View
chatelaine case19th c.View
Chatelaine caseH.B.A.; A. Barrett & Sons1900View
Chatelaine caseLate 19th c./Early 20th c.View
Chatelaine caseD & F1892View
Chatelaine case19th c.View
Chatelaine caseView
chatelaine case1819View
Chatelaine case19th c.View
Chatelaine case19th c.View
Chatelaine caseL & S1904View
chatelaine caseJ.W. & S.1903View
chatelaine caseW Ltd1907View
chatelaine caseG.C.1826View
chatelaine caseL & S1901View
chatelaine case19th c.View
Chatelaine caseLate 19th - Early 20th c.View
Chatelaine caseView
Chatelaine caseH.B.A.1895View
Chatelaine caseView
Chatelaine case19th c.View
chatelaine case for a folder1901View
child spectacles case20th c.View
Chinese folder case18th c.View
Chinese folder case18th c.View

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