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TitleMakerDate Made
'Algha' half-eye spectaclesM. Wiseman & Company LtdMid-Late 20th c.View
'Algha' half-eye spectaclesM. Wiseman & Company LtdMid-Late 20th c.View
'Algha' NHS 722 half-eye spectaclesM. Wiseman & Company LtdMid 20th c.View
'Eileen' half-eye spectaclesBirchc.1975View
'Harrogate' half-eye spectaclesMid-Late 20th c.View
'Ilford' half-eye spectacle mountTrident Optical Company LtdView
'Jean Lafont Paris', Model 'Framboise' 404 SpectaclesLafont, Paris2001View
'Jean Lafont Paris', Model 'Framboise' 727 SpectaclesLafont, Paris2001View
'Jean Lafont Paris', Model 'Framboise' 763 SpectaclesLafont, Paris2001View
'Kirbro' half-eye spectaclesKirk Brothers1930sView
'Life' L1145 spectaclesL'Amy GroupLate 20th c.View
'Life' L93 spectaclesL'Amy GroupLate 20th c.View
'Savile Row' M1 Half-Eye SpectaclesAlgha Group LtdLate 20th c.View
'Songbird' Ladies Half-Eye SpectaclesInvictaLate 20th c.View
Actuell Couture - 'Lector' 306 spectaclesNeostyle EyewearLate 20th c.View
Adapted Nylon Supra half eye spectacles1970sView
Adapted Nylon Supra half eye spectacles1970s?View
Half-eye drop frontMid 20th c.View
half-eye folding spectacles20th c.View
half-eye spectaclesStigmat LtdMid-Late 20th c.View
Half-eye spectaclesEarly-mid 20th c.View
half-eye spectaclesMid-Late 20th c.View
Half-eye spectacles1st half 20th c.View
Half-eye spectaclesMartin WellsMid-Late 20th c.View
half-eye spectaclesc.1834View
half-eye spectaclesMid 20th c.View
Half-eye spectaclesc.1960View
half-eye spectaclesc.1900View
half-eye spectaclesc.1870-1900View
Half-eye spectacles/sunglassesRatti Industria Ottica S.p.A.Mid-Late 20th c.View
kidney-shaped spectaclesAmerican Optical Company20th c.View
Ladies half-eye spectaclesParis Eyewear LtdMid-late 20th c.View
Model 8426 half-eye spectaclesOWP Brillen GmbH1990s?View
NHS 722 half eye spectaclesM. Wiseman & Company Ltd20th c.View
NHS 724 spectaclesc.1960View
NHS 724 spectaclesc.1960View
NHS 815 half eye spectacles20th c.View
NHS 824 spectaclesLondon Optical Company Ltdc.1960View
NHS 825 half eye spectacles20th c.View
Onspec Ontic Classics OZ-028 spectaclesOnspec-OnticEarly 21st c.View
R 864 Half-eye spectaclesRodenstock1983-1986View
Sample NHS 815 half-eye spectacles1955-1959View
Sample NHS 825 half-eye spectaclesHolborn Optical Co Ltd1955-1959View
So. 5082 half-eye spectaclesSaxon Optik1980s?View
The Nylon Half-EyeNylon-Supra Ltd; Melson Wingate LtdEarly 1950sView
Wire half-eye spectacles19th c?View

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